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Energy UK encourages consumers to check they are on the right tariff

In response to the Deputy Prime Minister’s speech, Christine McGourty, Director of Communications at Energy UK, said:

"Energy companies have been working closely with Government to help consumers understand how they can find the best deal to suit their circumstances. Today’s initiative will encourage people to check they’re on the right tariff and make sure they’re aware of how they can manage their bills as effectively as possible.

 "Companies recognise that in tough economic times, consumers are concerned about household bills and have been contacting millions of customers in recent months to recommend they check they are on the right deal and to encourage them to take up offers of free or discounted insulation, which can help keep bills down.
"This new, voluntary agreement will help more people take the right steps to understanding the options available, whether it’s changing tariff, changing the way they pay for their energy, or switching supplier. There is plenty of choice available and we would encourage everyone to shop around to make sure they are on the best deal for them."


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